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Above and Beneath

The balance between good and evil is always in flux. Demons vie for control for the key to heaven's gate to wreck havoc on the Earth and destroy mankind by any means necessary.

December 26th

Excitement and hype for gadgets and toys, families in town with tidings of joy. Paper in tatters on the floor everywhere. To read more, just pick the book up from under your tree.

The Infinity Belt

When an unknown object comes rushing from space to pass a colony on Mars, known as New Sydney, the people of Earth set off on a journey of discovery.

Jumble in the Rungle

Jumble in the Rungle is ready to take the next group on a safari expedition. Site down and make room for others to load up.

The Mage's Apprentice

Never underestimate an apprentice’s ability to ruin everything. When mishaps and mayhem befall, they must develop their talents to untangle the messes they’ve made.

Marriott Futuro

With all the advancements in AI, it is a matter of time until more technology uploads itself into our lives. Enter Mary and Scott: the new avatars for Marriott's Futuro suite.

The Day the Music Died

Technology has taken over, knocking mankind down from the top of the food chain. Who is the better curators of the new tomorrow: man or machine?

Pandora Inc.

Do you believe in ghosts? How about angels or demons? What if I told you these, and other "myths" were all real?

Pharoh's Promise

Giza Tours is known for its sightseeing trips deep into the Great Pyramid of Giza. When one man stays behind, he finds a trove of treasure in a hidden tomb.

Space Cementary

In the cold vacuum of space, a great discovery is made by the Astragalus' crew. However, when things go horribly wrong, the crew of the nearest ship, the Ascension, must help rescue their comerades.